2015 Oscar Predictions

2015 Oscar Predictions

In preparation for the 2015 Oscars I figured I’d put my cards on the table and show my Oscar ballot. Here are my quick opinions about the Best Picture Nominees with links to my full reviews for each. Come back on Monday to see how I did.

2015 Best Picture Nominees

(In order of how much I liked them)


This edge of your seat thrill-ride is about a Jazz drummer. You read that right. This film about a student at a jazz conservatory manages to take you through a series of emotions and leave you breathless from the intensity.
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Based on a true story. A masterfully directed film that transcends its “biopic” designation.                      Read full review >>


The film lover’s film. Its how-did-they-do-that camerawork, electric performances and whirlwind storytelling will all be discussed and disected for years to come.
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The Grand Budapest Hotel

The only truly fun film on the list. It has the feel of a caper film with the lighthearted mischief and meticulous design of all Wes Anderson films.
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This is a film about the nothing (or everything) that life is really about. This honest and naturalistic film comes across like watching home videos of strangers and seeing yourself in the process.
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The Imitation Game

Based on a true story. A worthwhile film about the side of war that’s little discussed.
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American Sniper

Based on a true story. You want to feel proud to be an American? Go watch Selma.
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The Theory of Everything

Based on a true story. Just because a persons life is interesting doesn’t mean it will make an interesting film.
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My 2015 Oscar Predictions

oscar predictions


Who do you think will win? Come back tomorrow to see how I did.

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