The Start of Adulthood

The Start of Adulthood


In honor of the beginning of the end of my twenties, I am going to add adulthood to the list of topics I will discuss in this blog. Originally, I wanted this to just be a place to discuss film and theatre but the reality is that I don’t see enough of either to sustain a consistent blog. My life, on the other hand, is pretty full right now.

My 28th year consisted of: (in this order) moving in with my boyfriend, Kevin, getting a new job, finally feeling like I have a career and a career path, buying a home, getting engaged, starting wedding planning. The last year has been a “run head first into a brick wall called adulthood” kind of year.

I’ve been having a lot of internal conflicts about what growing up means and really taking a look at what I want out of this life. I’ve been questioning gender norms, especially in terms of cohabitation/home-ownership. Now, with my engagement, I’m feeling this pressure to prove my feminism and reject the consumerist snowball effect of weddings by saying to hell with the whole thing. This feeling rests uncomfortably side by side with my desire to just do what I really want deep down, which (unfortunately?), is a pretty standard wedding with my dad walking me down the aisle, a first dance with my new husband and everything in between.

I wasn’t sure I wanted this blog to get too personal but all the other home-ownership and wedding blogs focus on DIY projects or seemingly perfect and happy lives. I hope this series of adulthood themed posts will open meaningful conversation about feminism, gender roles, and tackling life transitions.

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