Broad City: Your New Best Friends

Broad City: Your New Best Friends


Broad City is the funniest show you’ve probably never heard of but should definitely be watching.  I heard about it when it premiered on Comedy Central last year.  It is produced by Amy  Pohler and based on the web series created by the two fabulous leads, Abbi Jacobson and  Ilana Glazer. Broad City is a comedy about two women living life, having fun and being best friends in New York City. The jokes are smart and the friendship depicted between Abbi and Ilana will make you fall fast for these two irresponsible, crazy-fun ladies.

I never watched Broad City when it first aired because I thought it was going to be a bunch of skits like Key and Peele or SNL. Now, don’t get me wrong, I think Key and Peele are hilarious (SNL not so much). But I’ve never been a fan of shows that are just skit after skit. My brain prefers continuous story lines that build over 30 minutes or an hour.  I tend to only enjoy sketch comedy in very short segments. I’ve watched Key and Peele’s East/West College Bowl skit more times than I can count, but I don’t enjoy sitting down to the full show as much.









After I watched the first episode and realized Broad City was a half hour comedy I was hooked. The recurring supporting characters are all great foils and counter-points to Abbi and Ilana, the best being Ilana’s casual hookup partner Lincoln, played perfectly calm and cool by Hannibal Buress.

My initial reaction was, “This is exactly what I had hoped Girls would be like.” While I still watch Girls, my problem with it has always been that I don’t like any of the characters. I would not want to hang out with any of them so I have very little sympathy for their, mostly self-inflicted, problems. The show also seemed to move away from comedy rather quickly and took on a much darker tone. People proclaimed that Girls was the voice of a generation when it premiered. I’d counter that Broad City is a more optimistic, friendly, working-class version of that voice. There is plenty of pot smoking and casual sex to keep the show feeling cable-worthy but the real reason to watch is to get some quality friend time with your two best new pals.

Watch all 10 episodes of season one on Hulu before the second season of this absurd laugh riot premieres tomorrow, Wednesday, January 14th at 7:30pm with a re-air at 9:30pm on Comedy Central.

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  1. As a late 20s adult living in NYC, I relate to Broad City more than a lot of shows out there. As Elizabeth mentioned, this show illicits many parallels with Girls. I’m an avid follower of both shows, but I honestly find Broad City more entertaining. I’d say that Broad City could be the bastard child of Girls and Always Sunny, if these two shows were ever to fornicate…

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