Fall TV: 8 New Shows Worth Watching

Fall TV: 8 New Shows Worth Watching


Originally, I was going to write a review of all the new fall shows. Then I thought, “No one wants to read about that many shows.” So instead, I’ve weeded through the new fall TV for you, narrowed it down to only the best or most entertaining new shows, and left the mediocre behind. I gave all the shows a fair shot by watching at least two or three episodes since I don’t think its fair to ever judge a show based on only the pilot episode. Without further ado, here are the new shows I’m sticking with for the rest of the season and you should too.

You can find the first few episodes of almost all these shows online so go catch up now.

New Fall Shows


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
This musical comedy with original songs, about a woman who quits her job in NYC to move to California after a run-in with an ex-boyfriend, is unlike anything else on TV. And that’s a good thing. Its smart, funny and different. All pluses in my book.
Mondays, 8pm, CW
Premiered October 12th

The Grinder
Rob Lowe plays an actor who played a lawyer on TV moving back home to “help” his brother (Fred Savage) run his real-life law firm.
Tuesdays, 8:30pm, FOX
Premiered September 29th

American Horror Story Hotel
LADY GAGA! Blood. Ryan Murphy’s messed up humor/horror aesthetic. Other than a cohesive story, what more could you ask for?
Wednesdays, 10pm, FX

Everyone’s calling it Grey’s Anatomy meets Homeland. Or Grey’s Anatomy meets How to Get Away with Murder. Hopefully, this show can figure out how to continue being interesting and entertaining passed season one, (unlike Homeland and Murder). But there is no mistaking the similarities between it and Grey’s Anatomy. FBI recruits live together, flirt and, eventually, one of them is accused of being a terrorist. The show is fun and exciting to watch and rests on the fantastic performance of Priyanka Chopra, who is doing a fantastic job.
Sundays, 10pm, ABC
Premiered September 27th

Life in Pieces
I wasn’t sold on the conceit at first. Each episode is 4 short stories each revolving around the parents, children and grandchildren in one family. Certain storylines are more interesting and funnier than others but there is enough interesting commentary and thoughtful jokes to keep me watching. It’s closer to a comedic version of Parenthood than it is similar to Modern Family. Also, Wizard Fingers!
Mondays, 8:30pm, CBS
Premiered September 21st

Blood and Oil
Taking the place of Revenge, The O.C., and Dallas, this show is about rich and poor people (all beautiful) living and working together in an oil boom town in North Dakota. The drama is ridiculous but it’s the only soap I watch and sometimes you just want to watch a show that makes you happy that you and your parent aren’t sleeping with the same person.
Sundays, 9pm, ABC
Premiered September 27th

Heroes Reborn
If you didn’t see the original version of Heroes, you may want to go back and rewatch the first season. Otherwise it is a bit confusing to figure out the relationships between all the Heroes, villains and corporations in this “Save the World” epic that spans countries, time and, in the most interesting new story, skips between reality and a video game.
Thursdays, 8pm, NBC

Season 1 was amazing and season 2 takes place in the 1970s. Same fascinating tales of human error, pain, and murder. Much cooler clothing and hair.
Mondays 10pm, FX
Premiered October 12th

Returning Shows You Should Be Watching


There are plenty of great returning shows on TV both big (The Walking Dead) and small (The Mindy Project) but four, all in their second seasons, prove that some truly great shows premiered last year and are staying strong in round two. Interestingly, they’re all comedies.

You’re The Worst
I just discovered this show a couple months ago, binged on the first season and am now hooked on the second season. Don’t let the title fool you, the show is about a couple and their friends but they aren’t the worst, in fact, they’re pretty fun to spend time with. And where else outside of a gangster film do you get to watch people casually do cocaine?
Wednesdays 10:30pm, FXX

Jane the Virgin
The most charming show on tv is back. This show is a comedy, telenovela, and family drama all rolled into one big heartfelt story.
Mondays, 9pm, CW
Premiered October 12th

Fresh Off the Boat
This comedy takes place in 1995 when Eddie Huang’s family moves to Florida. The show started out about the immigrant experience but it’s become more about this family all growing together. Hudson Yang as Eddie is the most adorable kid on television.
Tuesdays, 8:30pm, ABC

Definitely the best family sitcom to come around in years. The show recently spent an entire episode on the use of the “N” word and did it brilliantly. Playing off the generational and economic differences between the parents and kids is great 21st century comedy.
Tuesdays, 9:30pm, ABC

Premiering Soon


Melissa Benoist stars at the cape-wearing hero. I loved early Smallville and we need a strong, interesting female super hero so I’m hopefully optimistic.
Premieres October 26th, 8:30pm, CBS

Wicked City
Ed Westwick (Gossip Girl) stars as a serial killer in Los Angeles in 1982.
Tuesdays, 10pm, ABC
Premieres October 27th

Angel From Hell
Jane Lynch plays a foul-mouthed guardian angel. Sounds like the movie Michael with John Travolta but I’m going to check it out because of Lynch.
Premieres Thursday November 5, 8:30pm, CBS

Aziz Ansari Master of None
Autobiographical sitcom where each episode focuses on a specific topic.
Premieres November 6th, Netflix

The Man in the High Castle
The show I’m most excited about is an adaptation of a Philip K. Dick novel based on the premise of an alternate reality where the Axis Powers won WWII.
Premieres November 20th, Amazon

Jessica Jones
Private detective Jessica Jones is Netflix’s latest Marvel super hero show. I’m excited for a Superheroine and to see what Krysten Ritter can do with the role.
Premieres November 20th, Netflix

Did I miss anything? Is there a show you’re watching this year that I should be? Anything you want me to review?

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