The Art of Movie Marketing: Jurassic World

The Art of Movie Marketing: Jurassic World


Jurassic World is going to be a huge money maker. That’s not up for debate. What is being discussed ad nauseam are the over the top CG, sexism, and stupid plot points (trained raptors). As a huge Jurassic Park fan, I’ve been excited to see Jurassic World for the last couple years. I’m seeing the movie this Friday and I’m trying not to let what I read color my giddiness. What’s clear though is that regardless of my opinion once I see the movie, Jurassic World has had the best marketing campaign I’ve possibly ever seen. The marketing has been immersive, fun, inventive, and an impressive story on its own.

The main reason I’m so excited for the movie is the same reason the marketing has been a compelling multimedia story to follow. The ability to watch a fully functioning and realized dinosaur theme park is a great idea. It’s what everyone wanted after seeing Jurassic Park, despite the death and destruction. Even though the fictional theme park depicted in Jurassic Park was a failure before it ever opened, people who watched it dreamed of a park like that in real life that was a success. Who doesn’t want to pet a Triceratops?

The website for Jurassic World (the theme park) is an amazing feat of storytelling and fan service. It weaves real movie marketing and fictional theme park marketing seamlessly. “Buying tickets” to the theme park takes you to a place to buy tickets for Jurassic World. Showing the park cams and getting a behind the scenes look at what the park includes is genius. We all know people would totally watch park cams of Disneyland or Harry Potter World if they existed. It’s a way to be there and get pumped before the trip. I’ve been watching the park cams since they launched just hoping I’d see something. I thought the videos might show new things leading up to the movie but as of today they are the same. I’ll go back and check after the movie to see if the wreckage travels over to the website.

innovation center park cam


I’m going to see Jurassic World for the first 30 or so minutes where we (hopefully) get a good look at a well-run theme park. By making the premise of the movie about how park attendance is down so they create a new attraction, a bigger genetically modified dinosaur called Indominus Rex, is very smart because it puts the movie-going audience in the same exact position as the park-goers — everyone’s lured by the idea of a bigger, louder spectacle. This makes all the marketing work on two levels. The ads work as ads by the owners of the park, Masrani Global, to the potential attendees and as ads to potential movie goers.

indominis rex ad

Learning about Masrani Global, who, according to their company website, bought Jurassic Park from Dr. Hammond and figured out a way to turn it into a successful theme park for 10 years also adds another layer to the movie. It fills the void not filled since Lost went off the air, extra material online being just as interesting and satisfying as the official story.

This Dairy Queen commercial is the perfect example of blurring real life and movie marketing, putting the Dairy Queen in this ad in the heart of “Main Street” in Jurassic World.

I’ve had an entire year of fun watching and reading about Jurassic World. There will no doubt be “better” films coming out this year but you’ll be hard pressed to find a film with better marketing in previous years or any time in the near future.

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  1. Totally with you on the marketing stuff – the whole corner of Hollywood and Highland (near the Chinese Theater) is made to look like the entrance to the Jurassic World park! It’s crazy!!

  2. I can’t wait to read your review after you see film Friday. The DQ commercial is awesome and I agree the marketing has only made everyone more giddy with anticipation for Jurrasic World.

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