3 Day Play Festival: Happy Valentine’s Day

3 Day Play Festival: Happy Valentine’s Day

During my first semester as a graduate student in the Theatre Arts M.A. program at San Jose State University, I participated in the department’s Three Day Play Festival. It was a wonderful experience and instantly made me feel like a part of the   community. I worked with other graduate and undergraduate students to successfully put on a show in 72 hours.

Happy Valentine’s Day was my first written work ever acted in front of an audience. It was an amazing feeling to hear people laughing at the words I’d written. The casting couldn’t have been more perfect and it was one of the best creative experiences I’ve ever had.

I was inspired by the Outkast song Happy Valentine’s Day  and wanted to push myself by writing male characters. I generally work best under a deadline so this type of pressure really motivated. Luckily, my director loved the first draft so no re-writes were needed.

I hope you enjoy reading the script.
Happy Valentines Day

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