Protest Theatre: An Education in Musical Chairs

Protest Theatre: An Education in Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs Performance

POLITICIAN: Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls. Let’s play a game of Musical Chairs. Don’t worry if you get out. It’s only your education, career and livelihood at stake!

During my time at SJSU (2009-2011) many classes were cancelled due to state budget cuts. While enrolled in Theoretical Perspectives in the Performing Arts with Dr. Alison McKee, she cancelled assignments so we could instead work on a protest theatre piece to show our support of higher education.

We were each given an assignment to write a 3-5 page script that would be performed live at a rally. I wrote “An Education in Musical Chairs” and brought it to class. We read through all the scripts and voted on our favorite and mine was selected. We then performed it for a crowd of over 200 spectators.

The concept comes from the feeling that higher education seems to be a big game to politicians. During the play, students, faculty and staff have to complete against each other to be the last one standing in this brutal game of musical chairs.

Read the Script
An Education in Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs Handout

Musical Chairs Pre-Performance

























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