SJSU Theatre Project

SJSU Theatre Project

Everyone Gets An American FlagIn December of 2010 I worked as production manager on the SJSU theatre project Everyone Gets An American Flag. The purpose of the project was to interview students and staff who are immigrants to America and turn their interviews into a play. Since this project was a workshop, the roles of dramaturg, director and production manager became mostly interchangeable in order to get everything done on time.

Each student in TA 117 was assigned an interview subject. We each had three sessions with the interviewee to ask them a standard set of questions and then to go off on any interesting tangents the questions brought up. After all the interviews were compiled, I worked with my fellow graduate students, Brittany Chavez and Kimberly Peterson, to read all the transcripts looking for the most compelling content. We tried to find parallels within all the stories and figure out which dialogue helped transition the piece thematically.

Putting on a workshop production meant being involved in every detail from creating the advertising to the set up and break down of the set. The majority of the audience for the workshop production was the interview subjects and their family members. It made the piece feel even more intimate and important because our biggest challenge was keeping the play true to their voices while still making it compelling and entertaining.

Read the Script:
Everyone Gets An American Flag

American Flag Stage Design










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