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The Book of Life

The Book of Life

The Book of Life Poster

The Book of Life had so much promise. A great director serving as producer (Guillermo del Toro) and an original cultural focus. With The Day of the Dead (dia de los muertos) as a backdrop, this kids animated film could have been the unusual gem to mix concepts of death with a palatable format. Unfortunately, the film fell back on the tired love triangle concept to move the plot along.

I probably would not have been so disappointed in this film if the animation hadn’t been so amazing. This film did things with colors and textures I’ve never seen before. The change in animation from the standard animated kids hearing the story to the wooden toys of the story to the sugar skulls in the Land of the Remembered. It was intriguing to see three different character concepts in one film. The Land of the Remembered was especially eye-catching. If only the story had lingered on the concept more. You stay in the Land of the Remembered until people stop thinking of you and then go to the Land of the Forgotten. Characters can die and then have whole other lives, reunited with lost loved ones and continue “living” in a vibrant and lovely place.

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