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Podcasts: My Rush Hour Sanity

Podcasts: My Rush Hour Sanity

podcast-logoI live 12 miles from my job. Those 12 miles take me an hour to drive in the morning and between an hour and an hour and a half in the evening. I’ve been doing the commute for over 3 years and while, at some point, I did stop having small meltdowns every night (the drive home is always mentally harder than the start of the day for me) I was still relatively cranky. I’d listen to the radio or blast a new CD but I would still find myself in a much worst mood when I got out of the car than when I got in. That was until I found my saving grace, podcasts.

My husband, Kevin, was apparently an early adopter to podcasts, listening to certain ones religiously since 2009. He’d always tell me some interesting fact he’d learned from them but I never got interested enough to listen myself. After my dad died last November, I found my commute nearly impossible. No matter what song was playing I found my thoughts traveling back to my dad and my loss and I’d arrive at work in tears. I realized I needed more than a song to keep my mind occupied during my drive each day.

I thought I’d make podcast listening into an extension of my job and only listen to podcasts about marketing and branding. I quickly realized I was bored and didn’t want my commute to feel like more work. So, I went to the App Store and just typed in keywords of stuff I wanted to listen to: film, television, pop culture, film reviews.

I now listen to podcasts morning and night and have even started a walking routine at work each day to keep myself moving. I use my favorite podcasts as motivation, I’m only allowed to listen to those when walking. I’ve been thoroughly entertained by these shows and am thankful for the companionship they provide me each day.

Finding a podcast that connects with you is a very personal thing. I’ve found that certain qualities keep my attention much better than others. I also find that I’m more quick to dislike a podcast due to one person in a round-table not being my cup of tea than I am to, say, stop watching a television show because there is a character I dislike. Perhaps its because these are real people or because radio always feels like a more intimate medium. Without further ado, here are the people who’ve gotten me through the last seven months.

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